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Full Tilt

Brummie directions, as you know, can only be given with reference to pubs and islands. This works for us. This is a good system, or rather it is until the thing which we need to find is the actual pub

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There are spaces in the city which are designed to be a terminus. Shops are a terminus. Pubs are a terminus. We run to them. We pop to them. We are at them, we are in them or perhaps we are

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The Craft City Line

We’ve been out drinking for about six hours, we’ve lost a lot of people and one of us is bleeding. In a few minutes one of us is going to try to pick a row with a train driver. I

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When Fox News rented a quote on ‘creeping sharia’-like issues from terrorism ‘expert’ Steven Emerson he duly provided by saying, amongst other things, that there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go

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4 defaced Birmingham road signs that won’t surprise you, and then some undefaced ones that might

It’s a cliché, but one of the best things about Birmingham is this sign: And we salute the indefatigability of the young scamps that keep it going. Some don’t put the effort in, but scrape a pass: Some try but

Concrete and Cocktails: a journey to Birmingham’s glitter-stained independent heart

An unchained psychogeographic adventure from the authors of Pier Review. Can you drink in all of Birmingham city centre’s independent hostelries in one day in 2011? Yes of course, although it might not be sensible. This is the first appearance on


The Subterraneans guided tour was developed for the 2013 Flatpack Film Festival. Exploring the Metropolis was a sub-theme of the festival that month and David Bowie had just released his album The Next Day after a decade of silence. From

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Quality Streets

First there was Benefits Street…but if you’re a Channel 5 commissioner looking to make a knock-off of Channel 4’s hateful controversial popular documentary then we’d like to offer the following pitches to you, complete with Birmingham roads you can film them on:

Go West! The Bearwood Question

The Bearwood Question is an idea I coined a while back when writing about local media policy – but bear with me it’s much more interesting than that! Bearwood is a lovely area of the West Midlands that I’ve lived

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Look, up, look East

We feel rather sorry for Solihull. It’s much maligned as a bastion of the middle class, of “small ‘c’” conservatism, and of big ‘C’ (and big ‘U’, ‘N’ etc, am I right, kids?) Conservatism too. But more than that we

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