Author: Julia Gilbert
Part-time misanthrope; human 1st, female 2nd. Multifaceted.

Bone-idle Brummies have been loitering in coffee shops since way before the likes of Starbucks came over here with their 87,000 different drink combinations; getting our names wrong and shirking their corporation tax. There were several coffee shops in Brum …

101 Things Brum Gave The World. No. 61: Indie Coffee Shops and their Fucking Lovely Cupcakes Read More »

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We are dismayed quarterly, when the Oxford English Dictionary appears to show no restraint in adding the latest fad neologisms, such as “selfie” (not to be confused with any photo of a person), “hashtag” (not to be confused with the …

101 Things Brum Gave The World. No. 60: Words Read More »

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