Author: Harry Vale
Hello there. My name’s Harry and I write things about video games, football, gambling, shit job listings, Bullseye and occasionally scribble short stories and slightly longer short stories, or “novels”. I’m an award-winning film director, although that was approximately 43 years ago. I’m currently working on a novel, a short film, and looking for a new job because there’s only so much shit my fiancée will put up with. If you would like me to write something for you, either for cash, goods, or services, please tweet me: @harryvale

The Evening Mail ran an article about how to spend 24 hours in Birmingham, a few months ago. It sounded fun, so we sent Harry Vale to check out their recommendations. Eventually, after we got him to ask John Chillcot …

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Editor’s Note: The PR Who Loved Me. We have rules, you have to have rules or everything falls apart. But you can bend them… Despite our rules, we still get offers — a lot of offers: “Come to the opening …

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