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We’ve just heard that the lead in the new Star Wars film, Rogue One, is from Bournville: Felicity Jones, formerly of The Archers. So we feel we need to do some jokes, but there’s a problem: one of us has never seen Star Wars, one of us has never listened to The Archers. Here’s how we got on… JH: Mate, the lead in the new Star Wars is from Bournville. What do we do about that? JB: Is she? JH: Apparently. JB: I don’t know what she looks like. JH: Well nobody does mate it’s another new film and we’ve only seen one trailer, today. It’s not Daisy Ridley. JB: Isn’t she the new one? JH: No she’s the new one from the old new film. This is a different one. JB: Oh, right you mean the one from The Archers. Felicity Jones. JH: I don’t know what …

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