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“Fuck, fuck fuck, fucking hell”. I banged the steering wheel, it was the moment I lost it. Lost my home town.  I’d gone the wrong way on Spaghetti Junction.  Coming from an unfamiliar direction, following signs to the M6, tired and attempting to avoid the traffic building up between the Scott Arms junction and Spaghetti, I’d ended up going north.  And then, turning round at junction 7  – the motorway island I’d driven round more than any other – about to give up and face that traffic, I did it again.  Back onto the M6 going towards Ikea, I decided I could swing round and hit the M5 and in the end, got where I was going without adding much more than half an hour to the journey. But I knew it was significant: going the wrong way meant that the pathways in my brain that mean …

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